Health Tourism In Iran

Medical tourism is rapidly becoming a worldwide. Iran has a high potential for this industry .The unique combination of experience, facilities and natural resources is the key to success of the Iranian health care system.

Iran offers a wide range of state of the art treatment, through an extensive network of highly equipped hospitals, around 850 hospitals, and rehabilitation centers at reasonable costs.

An analysis of the costs of the various procedures shows that treatment costs in Iran are much lower as compared to the developed countries. Iran is also very cost competitive as compared to its regional competitors, including Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain as well as southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and India.

Iran has a unique combination of healthy and pleasant climate, wonderful scenery, magnificent historical and cultural monuments as well as cutting edge technology and sophisticated medical equipment.

it is clear that health tourism industry should have all necessary factors such as the provision of medical services, tourism attractions and travel, establishment of government relationships and so on. As it turns Iran has been assembling the various factor inputs necessary for thriving medical tourism cluster. Such factors can be broadly classified as: suitable infrastructure, nice environment, people and culture, and government’s key policy.

As we know it today, Iran was known as a destination for treatment of Muslims, attracting thousands of visitors from Persian Gulf countries.

Tourists from the everywhere travel to Iran for organ transplants, plastic surgery, eye surgery and artificial insemination; patients from everywhere, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia travel for services their local hospitals do not provide. Everyone, coming from everywhere, is shopping for a doctor in the international health services market and, as a result, enjoys a cost savings over the alternative at home.

Iran has many strength points, including expert physicians, up-to-date medical technology and natural healing regions to attract health tourists.

Moreover, the travelers who buy health care usually get a package deal that typically includes their treatment plus air transport, transfers, accommodations, and a postoperative vacation. The vacation in iran described. As part of the health care package, customers receive the vacationing and sightseeing in a foreign country and an exotic culture.

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