Rhinoplasty Charge Package

The package includes the following procedure-related costs, examination, tests, procedure-related

medications and supplies as required and ordered by the physicians while the patient is admitted:

  • Single Room accommodation for 1 night in the in-patient ward: Room, Nursing service charges, service charges
  • Doctors’ fees:
    • Surgeon and assistant surgeon(s)
    • Anesthesiologist
    • General practitioner after operation
    • Physical medicine & rehabilitation doctor
  • Operating room charges: OR and recovery rooms and facilities used and nursing services.
  • Anesthesia: Pre-Anesthetic Drugs , Anesthesia ,
  • Airport and city transfer
  • Hotel and inhabitation for 3 persons in 7days including full board.

Total Package price: 1200$ – 2500$

Add-on Charges:

  • If the patient’s condition requires additional supplies  , an additional fee will be charged at the normal clinic rates in effect.


Surgical Operation

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